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Kidston Weeping Willow at Riverdance
(Ch. Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm KCJW x Kidston Aphrodite KCJW)
- 2/11/07
KCBVA Hip Score 4:3



Grand Parents

Great Grand


GB Ch Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm

Hips 4:3

 Lorinford Thunderstorm of Purbarn
Hips 2:2

Styal Souvenier of Nortonwood

 Lorinford Playgirl  JW

 Cinmarsh Creates Havoc at Purbarn
Hips 6:6

Bolberry Chaconne at Moorquest

Muskan Miss Demeanor at Cinmarsh

Kidston Aphrodite KCJW

Hips 3:3

Muskan Most Likely

Hips 3:3

 Golcrest Game of Chance

 Muskan Miss Elite

 Kidston Linnet
Hips 12:8

 Pinecrest Pioneer of Kidston

Braydan Lisa Lehtonen of Kidston


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